What is Power Plate?

Power Plate places emphasis on precise and controlled movements primarily to strengthen the deeper musculature of the core, correct postural imbalances and over load muscles to build strength without bulk.


Exercises are preformed on the Power Plate as well as the Pilates reformer in order to increase range of motion and flexibility while simultaneously increasing strength and power.


Sessions range from beginner where focus is primarily on building core stability, balance and optimal range of motion to advanced where superset exercises are performed with little rest in between Power Plate and Pilates reformer exercises.


The Power Plate is a vibrating platform used by top professional athletes as well as people well into their 90's.  For more information on the Power Plate please visit their website at:





Power Plate Proven Benefits


Increased Circulation:  Increased blood flow to passive and active structures          (Maloney-Hinds et al.2008)


Increased Muscular Strength and Power:  Improved motor unit recruitment, firing rates and synchronization (cardinal &Lim 2003) Increased neuromuscular facilitation (Signorile et al., poster)


Fall Prevention for the Elderly:  Multi-planar Power Plate function creates perfect proprioceptive stimulation reciprocal to demand of gravity on earth (Bogaerts et al. 2007)  Body can now function in an elevated state of awareness and reaction (Vissers et al. 2007, poster)


Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion:  Joint, articulation and connective tissue preparation (Jacobs & Burns 2009)


Increased Bone Density:  Significant increase in hip area bone density (1.5%) as well as an increase in muscle (Verschueren et al. 2004)